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10 Must Have Shoes for Spring

"The reward of art is not fame or success but intoxication." ~ Cyril Connolly 

Hey hey sweetie pies! Happy Wednesday! Spring is in full swing and I couldn't be happier! One thing that I love about the Spring season is the fashion. From music festivals to tea parties to vacations - one must have the wardrobe essentials to attend all the new events going on in your city. One of which is SHOES! I have been searching high and low for all of the must have trendy shoes of the season. I have been eyeing a few myself that I am dying to add to my wardrobe. I curated 10 styles of shoes that will be perfect for your Spring Wardrobe - regardless of personal style. That means that there is something for everyone!

10 Must Have Shoes for Spring!

1. Stylish Slides 
I have a couple of pairs of slides and they are everything! I literally where them everywhere. Check out yesterday's post to hear me gush about my fave slides. With this delicate soft bow, these slides are easy to dress up or down. Choice is yours!
2. Prima Ballerina
Ever dream of being the prima ballerina but didn't really like the ballet part? Well now you can just dress the part! Pair with a cozy sweater and soft pleated skirt - instant ballerina vibes!
3. Embroidery
Keep a pair of embroidered booties on standby. They are perfect to throw on with a silky slip dress for a fun night out. Cool and breezy? Toss a leather jacket over your shoulders for an effortless vibe. 
4. Luxe Slide On Mules
This trendy shoe has definitely caught my attention! Opt for cool details such as bows, appliques, luxe textures or bold colors. If you get a pair in a dark color, pair them with pastels to work for Spring and pair them with rich metallics for Fall and Winter! 
5. Mules in a Bright Hue
Mules are definitely coming back into style and are catching much attention! From the liking of style stars to your fave bloggers, you are seeing these everywhere! Look to see these paired with cropped jeans, culottes and dresses for starters! Snag a pair in a bright hue and you will never have to worry about bold accessories!
6. Suede
I have talked about suede again and again and again so I won't go into a huge ordeal about it. But suede is still where it is at, perfect to incorporate into your festival #OOTD. For a boho vibe, opt for a pair of suede sandals in a rich earth tone. You can pair this with white, linen and even denim!
7. Denim
Speaking of denim, that is our next trendy shoe! We first saw denim shoes in the form of thigh high boots thanks to celebs and style stars who made these popular.  Well now we can find denim sandals, booties, pumps and slides even! Just find a style that works for you and compliments your personal style. 
8. Faux Fur
Big thanks to Rihanna and Puma for making fur on shoes a cool thing. (At least in my opinion, I am pinning them to be the pioneers on that one) Opt for fun slides or stylish mules to give your overall look a glam feel. It is also unexpected and adds a unique flair to your aesthetic. 
9. Monochromatic Sneakers
When most people think of sneakers, they think of a collage of bright colors or basic colors such as black and white - but not anymore. Monochromatic shoes are SO ON trend this season. Grab a pair and you will find yourself wearing them with literally EVERYTHING! Having a pair of stylish sneakers in one color with a nice silhouette will go great with dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, you name it! If you guys would like I can do a lookbook catered to monochromatic sneakers. Plus - a few details never hurt anyone.
10. Metallics
Now is anyone really surprised that I mentioned metallics? Metallics pair so well with pastels. Whether it is silver, rose gold, or gold - they make quite the color palette pair. I can't wait to show you guys the Spring lookbook. Make sure to leave me a comment if there is something in particular that you want styled. 

I tried to link the items down below. If not, then I linked similar styles. What trend(s) of shoes are you looking to incorporate into your wardrobe? Leave me your thoughts below!

As always, XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie J

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