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OOTD + I want to Hear from YOU!

"Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide." ~ Marva Collins
Hey hey sweetie pies! Happy Thursday! I hope you guys have been having a fabulous week. It has been a busy one for me personally. In between teaching dance, choreographing, blogging and training - I am so tired but fulfilled! I am looking forward to doing some new things on the blog as well as my dancing so stay tuned for all of that. Also make sure to check out my Instagram to stay up to date with everything. I usually post anything new on there first so stop by and say hey!
For today's post, I wanted to share this totes cute look and I also wanted to get to know a little more so that I can serve you guys better! I mean I know you guys enjoy what I create but I definitely want to make sure that I am bringing you content that you love! So I created a little survey and I would love if you guys could go take it for me. It will only take 5 minutes …

Groundwork Choreographer Showcase Performance Review

"Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free. . . your true self comes out." ~ Tina Turner **Post show picture**

Hey hey sweetie pies! As some of you know, I performed in a show about two weeks ago (April 13 and 14 to be exact) in the 6th Annual Groundwork Choreographer's Showcase. It was a choreographer's showcase that was coordinated by Brent Smith of Groundwork Studios. It is an event where you submit a work to be put on stage and reviewed by a board of artists who then select or deny your submission. It is a great opportunity for aspiring artists to put their works on stage. Each year, the showcase has a unique theme and this year's theme was "My Unapologetic Truth". I had the blessing to dance in two works - one choreographed by Damion Sam titled "Insecurities" and one choreographed by Brent Smith titled "Blood Cleanse".  For "Insecurities", I played the role of a emp…

Updated Morning Routine

"I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace - a connection to what matters." ~ Oprah Winfrey
Hey hey sweetie pies! One of my goals this year was to create and establish a morning routine. Not just any normal routine, but one that allowed me time to do some self care and feel fully prepared for the day. I noticed that I was waking up late due to constantly snoozing and not getting enough rest. Furthermore, I always felt like I was rushing to get to a job to make someone else's dreams a reality while not living for myself at all. I remember reading a blog article that talked about the importance of having a morning routine. I realized that I needed to make time for myself. Also some of the most successful people make time for themselves before ever working on anything else or for someone else. l then took the time to see what it was that I wanted to make time for. I also thought about what my ideal morning would look like and began to model my morn…

How to Style : Tassel Button Earrings - Collab

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness." ~ Oprah Winfrey
Hey hey sweetie pies, happy Tuesday! If you follow me on my social media platforms, then you would know that I collaborated with Lisa, owner of Arli Accessories, to host a giveaway for a free pair of earrings on last month. As a black #GirlBoss, I knew I wanted to support this business in whatever way I could. She makes all of her products by hand and can be customized based on the consumer's preference. Her jewelry is gorgeous so I knew when she sent me these tassel button earrings, I couldn't wait to style them! She offers these in a number of different color combinations and the best part? They are super affordable sitting at the pretty price of $10! You know your girl loves a good deal!  I admire that she creates all of her products by hand. (Your girl can only wish to be that crafty lolz) As a blogger, I definitely appreciate small businesses jus…

March Favorites 2018 - What I am Loving Currently in Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech and More!

"Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday." ~ Wilma Rudolph
Hey hey sweetie pies, happy Tuesday! For today's post I want to share some things that I have been obsessed with! I have some YouTube videos that I have been obsessing over and songs that are on repeat. I also have some products in fashion and lifestyle that I want to share with you guys. If you are looking to try out some new things or just curious in what my monthly favorites are, then just keep reading!

Zeta Monogrammed Pearl Back Earrings
I got these beauties c/o Arli Accessories and they have been a dream! Lisa is the owner of Arli Accessories, where she makes her accessories by hand! She has an array of different accessories as well as Greek affiliated accessories. We recently got together to d…

Classy Southern Belle + Where to Snag this Designer Dupe!

"It is the duty of the young Negro change through the force of his art that old whispering, 'I want to be white,' hidden in the aspirations of his people, to 'Why should I be white? I am a Negro--and beautiful!'" ~ Langston Hughes
Hey hey sweetie pies! I hope you all have been having an awesome week! Mine has been super busy but I am grateful nonetheless. I love today's look for the blog. I actually wore this on Easter. David and I went to church and then we had dinner at home. (I then went on to do some work such as taking photos and what not)
I love this look because it is easy and classy. This look was accomplished with minimal effort but I feel so put together! (Y'all know I love when that happens!)

This is a blouse and skirt combo that I gravitate towards a lot. The waist band on the skirt really helps to cinch me in. (A big plus for me so I don't lose my figure in this full skirt.) I opted for this colorful scarf because, why no…

Plan With Me! - April 2018

"The impatient idealist says: 'Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth.' But such a place does not exist. We all have to stand on the earth itself and go with her at her pace." - Chinua Achebe (No Longer at Ease)
Hey hey sweetie pies, happy Tuesday! How crazy is it that we are already in April?! Where does the time go? I am excited for a new month - a new month of creating and growth. I have some pretty cool things planned this month such some performances, some dance classes and cool collaborations for le' blog. With so many things to plan for this month, I figured it would be best to do all of my layouts for this month at one time. Also with the fact that I haven't shared any planner layouts in awhile - what better time than now to share this month's layouts? If you're an avid planner or #plannerjunkie like myself, then keep reading!

I love having these "month at a glance", monthly recap, monthly goals pages - however you like…